Plug & Cutting Grower Tour #TK011

Mon. September 19| 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM |

This tour will take you behind the scenes of to see, first-hand, how three of this country's exceptional young plant producers have earned their reputations. Reputations built on the attention they give to exceeding their clients expectations and the extraordinary quality of the young plants they produce, each employing their own unique blend of expertise, technology and systems, and that glorious Southern California sun. First Step Greenhouses, Temecula, CA First Step's investment in people and facilities enables them to deliver consistent quality throughout the year. Their innovative use of their environmental computer to create distinct growing zones, coupled with the use of dutch benches to facilitate crop movement allows them to fine tune crop growing condition and cater to the plants' needs. While having first class greenhouse facilities is part of the equation, committed people is of equal or greater importance. First Step sells most of their product direct, allowing them to interact with their customers and listen and respond to their needs. They continually strive to improve crops and processes to provide their customers with a better buying experience and higher quality plants. Plug Connection, Vista CA Established in 1987, Plug Connection is known as the west coast's first ornamental young plant specialist and continues to be one of the largest plug, liner, and grafted transplant producers in the country. With over 10 years' experience grafting plants with highly desirable qualities to superior root stocks, a number of their vegetable plugs are able to minimize soil-borne disease issues in the greenhouse and the landscape. They have over 350,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse space devoted to young plant production. Their finishing houses have roll-up roofs and drop-down side walls that dissipate heat and humidity during the day. EuroAmerican Propagators, Inc., Bonsall CA EuroAmerican Propagators, Inc, one of the founding partners of Proven Winners, was established in 1992 by John Rader and Jerry Church. From its early days, EuroAmerican was focused on the advancement of vegetative micropropagation techniques, including the ability to produce Elite Stock plants by utilizing thermally treated tissue cultures. These technological breakthroughs became one of the founding pillars of their business and the entire vegetative industry as it is today. In 1997 EuroAmerican moved to its current 55 acre hilltop location in Bonsall, where the extra space has allowed them to expand both their production area and their research and development program.

Track: Production Inputs