Workshop: Hands on with Biocontrols #TK031

Mon. September 19| 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM |

As a progressive grower, you have invested a lot of time learning about biological control agents; who eats whom, the right environment, release rates and timing, etc. Now you have ordered from a reputable supplier and the beneficials are on the way! Do not make your efforts all for naught by mis-applying your good guys! This workshop will cover how to apply each of the different biocontrol agents correctly with hands-on demonstrations. Great tips on unpacking the shipping boxes, to storage and application will be discussed and demonstrated first hand. This session may be eligible for pesticide recertification credit.

Track: Problem Management

Handout(s): Beneficial Nematode Guide, Nemasys Chemical Compatability, Nemasys Fungus Gnat, Nemasys General Tech Bulletin, Nemasys WFThrip, Suzanne W-E Biocontrols

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Dramm Corporation


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